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Brewed for months in a birch casket, "Elk" was then recorded, mixed and mastered over the course of 4 rainy days. Drink it while it's hot and spread it like a disease. If ya'll get the uncontrollable urge to run naked in the woods, then our lifecycles will be complete and we can return to our Elk Masters in the sky.


released June 6, 2016

Guitar & Vox / Lyrics: Francesco Bordoni
Bass: Francesco Mastellone
Drums: Simone Romagnoli

Carefully tailored for the minty earfuck sensation by Francesco Mastellone, who also recorded mixed and mastered the thing with the erotic influx of the rest of the band.



all rights reserved


Lesbian Wallet Foligno, Italy

Lesbian Wallet formed then disbanded, 2011-2012. Then banded up again, 2014-EVERAFTER. Since then they've established a pet shop, a fishery, a quasilegal swedish naughty 80's movies republishing operation, and THE CULT. In June 2016 their first 5-Tracks EP, "Elk", came out, and it's available here at Bandcamp. ... more

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Track Name: Lesbian Wallet
We're the droppings from your bathroom rising
We infect your ears like ear-deceiving leprosy
We crap into your mailbox
We obey no lord and yet we speak in tongues

We're the tram up your nostrils,
and you still don't have a clue on who we are

Saviors of the imbeciles, we're close on the edge
Waiting for a gust of wind to start rolling down
Spinning shit all around as we go

Lesbian Wallet
Track Name: Slowrider
"Not a wise decision, but a decision nonetheless"
- Age of Mythology: The Titans, Taunt 037

Was someone there - behind the bushes?
Creeping on (you) as you walk
Was it all in your head, a faint suggestion?
Was it all just a flickering of your eyes?

You keep going slowly through the empty park
Feeling heavier somehow
You didn't ever understand, did you?
You never understood the spell you've been under

Since the folks at work first noticed the darkness in your eyes
And everybody shuddered back at your smiles
'Cause he's a Slowrider
Coming around at your place

Your heart skips a beat as the key breaks,
And the door handle falls apart
You heard a scream and then a gunshot
There's an evil-looking twist in the dark

You make a run for it in the grip of horror,
But you fall and twist your ankle
The endless chase is ending fast,
He aims down at your head, and

You wake up sweating on your death-bed,
But you couldn't redeem yourself
In the eyes of the Slowrider
The monster you're turning in

I couldn't avert my eyes
As the demon devours her body and mind
Your hand reaches for the knife
Kill the Bird-God before my eyes

Track Name: The Elk
I've seen you walk the streets of my town
Without a clue on you were or where you were found,
And still - You're coming around

There's a silver line beneath your golden idol
Which cast a sick reflection upon his glance,
but he will learn to turn around when the horrors dance

Turn around when the horrors dance

Sell your soul or bind it to a stone
Sell your soul or bind it like before
And if you push the boundaries of what you're allowed to see
You will notice that the sky is not real

I can see you back away slowly
Waiting for the Calling of the Elk
I can see His furry Spawn crawling
Through your windows and front doors
I can see you back away slowly
We're still waiting for the Calling of the Elk
The Elk: He's calling for me

I can see you back away slowly
(While) we're still waiting for the Calling of the Elk
I can see his Beer Kingdom rising
Through the wastelands of your Earth
I can see you back away slowly
We're still waiting for the Calling

I can see you back away slowly
Waiting for the Calling of the Elk
Track Name: Gaston
She knows who I am,
but I don't blame her
Under a chicken head
Every woman is bound to care

In the greenish light
Coming from the nightclub
Her smile's a dare
And her legs are crossed

You are a teapot
I'll bring the tea
Bound your limbs
I'm gonna poke you with my beak

Track Name: Superhero Walter
Nobody liked Walter or his ass-like face
He has no friends or if he had 'em
They no longer care about him

(He's) got a steady job that pays real well
And if you search for him in the week-ends
You can find him at his desk

While he's wasting his life away
There's no one home to comfort him
When he wakes up before the day

Here goes Superhero Walter
4 o'clock - early in the morning
Waiting for the ice-cold train

His thoughts run faster than his flesh
Faster than the railroad demon in which his flash is cast
Dark, green regretful thoughts of a distant time and space
Piling up, to the memory of her face

'Cause that morning in the elevator
The people who knew him
Noticed a brand new smile upon his face

"Have you heard of Superhero Walter?"
"I swear I saw him -
He was diving from the top floor
Flying through the air"

But he was falling down

Superhero Walter